Capacity Building to Facilitate Implementation of the Effort Sharing Legislation, with Focus on Ex-post Evaluation and Policy Lessons Learned

Workshops Registration

As part of the project we will hold 4 workshops which aim to:

  • Increase capacities of relevant national and sub-national administrations in selecting and implementing effective and cost-efficient policies and measures in effort sharing sectors
  • Increase capacity of Member State policy evaluation experts in ex-post evaluation and build a network of evaluation practitioners
  • Share best practices in effort sharing sectors as well as the key project outcomes among climate policymakers in the Member States

The first was completed on the 15th October in 2019 in Bucharest, Romania and the presentations can be downloaded here. The second workshop was on the 11th February in 2020 in Brussels, Belgium and the presentations can be downloaded here. The third workshop provided training on policy ex-post evaluation and was held on 23rd September 2020 online and the presentations are available on the Knowledge sharing page.

The fourth workshop capability building will be held on Wednesday 28th October 2020 also using Zoom online. You can register for free by clicking here. Please click here for the latest draft agenda. 

During the workshops we will hold case clinics in the afternoon which will focus on transport, agriculture and cross-cutting policies.  The aim of the case clinics is to help solve specific policy-related problems or challenges that are being faced by the workshop participants. The relevant participants (the case givers) will describe their challenge, and the other members of the group (the coaches) will then share their ideas and own experiences and generate some potential solutions. By accessing the wisdom and experience of peers, the case clinics allow participants to:

• Generate new ways of looking at a challenge
• Develop new approaches for responding to the challenge.

The session will be facilitated by a member of the project team. The case givers will be required to do a little preparation, but the other members of the group do not need to prepare anything in advance. Workshop participants will be invited to present their challenge at the workshop as part of the registration process. 


Latest Conference News

Final Two Workshops Dates Announced

We are pleased to announce the dates for the last two workshops.

Capacity Building in Brussels

The project team delivered the second capacity building workshop on the Effort Sharing Regulation on the 11th February 2020 in Brussels.

First Capacity Building Workshop Successfully Completed

On Tuesday 15th October 2019 the project team delivered the first capacity building workshop on the Effort Sharing Regulation for policy makers, non-government organisations and business experts in Bucharest with 41 attendees.